How To Live With Knee Pain


If you are thinking to live with knee pain, my advice is to forget about it.

The best way to deal with this kind of pain is by seeking for medical care.

The knee is an extremely sensitive body part.

Once damaged, it is never going to be good again.

However, the sooner you receive the right treatment, the bigger your chances to be able to live a pain free life. 

If you ignore your knee pain, you may soon become unable to stand. I’m writing this from my wheelchair, so you can trust me to tell you the truth.

I’m very sorry for not taking action at the first signs something was wrong with my right knee.

I was too busy and to in love with mountains to give everything up and accept to be diagnosed and treated properly.

My doctor tells me I have chances to recover completely some day, but I have to be careful for the rest of my life.

This means sports and hiking are now out of the question.

Skiing is also forbidden. I don’t know how I’m going to get my daily exercise fix, but this is yet another issue to discuss with my doctor. fix my knee pain reviews

Yoga And The Erection Problem


A trip to the doctor revealed that I had a problem with erectile dysfunction.

Before that moment, I was having some problems maintaining an erection, and it was really getting on my nerves.

The doctor recommended that I try doing Yoga to get rid of the problem.

It was one of the options that didn’t involve taking some kind of medication, which I didn’t want to do.

Yoga always seems like one of those things that were only for women.

Even though many famous male celebrities have talked about how they’ve done yoga and how it has made their lives better, it just didn’t seem like much of a male activity.

I had to divorce my mind from this idea in order to give yoga a chance. I also had to buy a yoga mat, which was a little embarrassing for me.

Once I actually tried the yoga, I started to like it.

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The exercises really made me flexible, and I started to lose weight, which is something I had been wanting to do for a long time.

I never really liked exercise because of how tiring it was, but I can do yoga for a long time, and it helped with my erection too.

How To Approach Your Fingering Techniques


For the most part, finger stimulation is seen as an act of foreplay in the bedroom.

It’s usually something of a lighter activity used to help the mood build to a level that’s appropriate for even further heightened sexual experiences

People seldom treat that as the main event, which can almost make it not seem very special at times.

If it’s apparent that the interest isn’t in making that particular act as amazing as possible since you’re just rushing to something else anyway, your partner isn’t going to be able to enjoy it as much.

To avoid this issue, you should use an approach where you actually build up to this kind of foreplay with foreplay of its own.

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Every single thing you do in the bedroom can be playfully extended and teased out and made into its own thing. Maybe sometimes it really is all you’ll get around to doing.

It’s good to avoid any sort of routines.

As long as you exhibit genuine interest in precisely what you’re doing in the moment and show no indication that you’re just going through the motions, your partner is truly going to be able to enjoy themselves.

Sometimes, that’s more than enough.

I Thought Orgasms Was Just A Myth


When I was younger, my mother let me read this book that was about the female body, how it works and all of that. It was a great book and I feel like it got me prepared for what was going to happen to my body as I got older.

The part of the book that talked about orgasms stuck in my mind for quite some time, especially once I got older and started messing around with the opposite sex.

It was startling once I started doing it and I never actually got excited enough to have a happy ending.

I figured it was something wrong with me for years, so I did not put much emphasis on achieving this goal.

Once night when I was in my mid-20s, I decided I was going to take matters into my own hands – literally.

I relaxed, focused on the moment and used my hands to make magic happen.

The funny thing is that I reached my goal that night and I am able to do it for myself consistently.

I have had a few with guys since then, but it is not something that happens all the time.

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Seducing A Female Is Not That Hard


As a woman, I am very sure of what it takes to seduce the average female

Guys are so focused on trying to run game that they end up falling flat on their faces.

The idea of sitting around and trying to come up with clever lines is one of the most ridiculous things a guy can do

Not only do we know when we are being fed a line, but many of us are offended that you did not find us worthy enough to come to us with something that is natural and original.

silent seduction

The best way to seduce a woman is to use the honest approach.

I feel like I am more likely to be receptive to a guy who is direct about what he wants instead of trying to beat around the bush.

In fact, I date quite often and the guys who are real with me tend to have much better luck.

Those who try to be all slick and sly are generally the ones that I try my best to stay away from. If you are a guy and you are looking to get a girl, you should keep all this in mind.

Speak With A Doctor About Any Manhood Enlargement Procedures


If you’ve decided that you just can’t live with the size of your penis as is and are devoted towards getting some kind of enlargement procedure or program, you should really consult with a doctor first.

There are a lot of certified doctors that deal with these sort of things, and your own regular doctor may even be able to recommend someone for you.

Either way, you absolutely want to avoid buying into anything you just happen to come across, especially when it comes to the likes of enlargement pills purchased from television commercials or online ads.

It’s been determined that a lot of these so called enlargement supplements are absolutely placebos, little more than sugar pills in the grand scheme.

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Others might have certain mixtures of vitamins and the like, but overall, there isn’t really anything that’s been proven to work. In fact, some procedures, treatments, and supplements might actually be unhealthy for you and potentially cause permanent harm.

When it comes to such a sensitive issue, it’s understandable that you’d want to handle it in as low key a manner as possible, but it’s absolutely in your best interest to consult with a medical and cosmetic professional first.

Carrying Yourself With Confidence After A Penis Enlargement


While you may think that getting an enlargement is the last step in the road, it is actually just the first step in your progress towards a better you.

This is because many men who get this procedure done are fighting against their own body image, feeling like they are less of a man for needing help.

This isn’t something that goes away one its own, but it is something you can be mindful of, ensuring that you are happy with the results.

The first thing that you should do is to look at yourself in the mirror, actually look at the changes that have taken place, and think of how they make you feel.

Then look at your clothes, the way that they fit, and the way that they make you feel. If you need to, buy new underclothes and pants, giving yourself the respect that you deserve.

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This will help you develop your confidence and will remind you that something has changed, you are different, and like has changed for the better.

The next step is to get active, keeping yourself in better physical shape, giving you better erections and ensuring that your new manhood is better appreciated.

Do You Really Want To Learn Female Mind Control?


Every guy strikes out when asking women out from time to time.

Some more than others. It’s important to realize that it’s okay if that’s the case for you. You don’t need to get too desperate.

All you need is to take a new approach.

Maybe you can dress a little better or shed a few pounds to look your best.

Perhaps you need to worry a little less about how much you’re going to be liked.

Whatever it is, there are a lot of little things that can be done that will immediately increase your chances of actually getting a phone number or a date

When it comes to hoping to learn something like female mind control in order to secure dates, that might be a bit too far. Just think about it.

If you’re actually tricking a woman into liking you, how far is it really going to go?

Even if you’re only interested in a temporary fling, isn’t it a lot less fulfilling knowing that she wasn’t really interested in you of her own accord?

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You should really just focus on presenting yourself as well as possible and waiting until you find someone you really gel with. The alternative is only opening yourself up to a whole lot of problems and heartache in the end.

3 Protocol Things To Do If You Want To Get A Rock Hard Erection


I know a lot of guys have trouble getting erections However, I want to suggest a few things men can do to get erections. Here are a few tips you can try.

1. Eat healthy because it can do wonders for your health, and this includes sexual health. Stick to eating healthy foods such as oatmeal and peaches. Those foods may help you have an easier time getting an erection.

2. Exercise regularly because this can help you get an erection. You don’t have to train every single day. Try to exercise 3-4 times per week and try to do cardio, such as jogging, running or walking, a few times per week.

3. Learn to stay calm and do things that can help you reduce stress levels. Take 20 minutes out of your day to sit in quiet and to meditate. The less stress you have, the easier it will be to get an erection.

Eating right and exercising can help you get erections. Learning to unwind and reduce stress can help too. I know all of those things seem like simple fixes, but you may be surprised at how doing little things can help you get good results.

Try the above and see if they can help you get an erection.

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Are Squirting Instructions Included With This Vagina?


Perhaps the one question that I get asked the most about women, is how to make them orgasm.

There could be 1000 answers for this very question. And considering each woman is an individual there could be 1000 variations on those same answers.

The key to remember that every woman is different and you must always remember that your lover is not the last woman you were with.

Every woman is different, every vagina is different, and it takes different things to excite each.

No matter what you read there is never going to be one technique that is going to make every single woman orgasm or squirt

What you do want to do is let her know that she needs to let go and never hold back in bed.

Too many women are afraid to express their feelings in bed. It is almost that they do not want to show the satisfaction they are feeling.

How To Make A Girl Squirt

Let them know that it is fine to smile, laugh,moan, and scream However, you plan to make her orgasm, do not stop.

Many women feel as though they have orgasmed when they have barely begun. Take the time to explore her body and vagina and be the one to bring her to the ultimate destination

How To Ensure That You Have A Squirting Female Orgasm


Both men and women are capable of having an orgasm. It is something that naturally occurs.

A man will have an orgasm when he is brought to a point where and ejaculation of semen will be the result of the climax of that orgasm, and women do something that is very similar.

Female ejaculations are also common, sometimes referred to as squirting due to the sheer volume of fluid that comes out.

This fluid is actually a mixture of prostatic secretions and urine mixed together.

This can only happen when a woman is sufficiently aroused, having an intense orgasm

There are ways to ensure that the female orgasm will be extreme enough in order to experience this sexual experience.

How To Improve Your Chances Of Having An Intense Female Orgasm

You can have an intense female orgasm if you are aroused sufficiently.

It does have to do with the amount of stimulation in your Regina, and also your clitorus.

Once this occurs, you are almost guaranteed of having some type of female ejaculation and a very intense orgasm.

As long as your partner is able to maintain a from erection, this definitely has a high probability of occurring.

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Diet For Staying Healthy And Maintaining A Good Weight


If you are over 40 like I am, chances are you are dealing with unwanted weight gain.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and our weight can creep up. It is more important than ever to get some type of exercise and eat a healthy diet.

I will admit that I have tried several weight loss diets as I attempted to deal with this weight gain.

However, even though I lost weight, in the beginning, it always came back and soon I found myself in the yo-yo dieting cycle

What finally worked was taking a hard look at what I was eating and changing my diet habits.

I didn’t make any drastic changes such as cutting out a specific food. Instead, I controlled my portions and disciplined myself on sweets.

I will admit right up front that I have a strong sweet tooth, so this was one of the hardest parts of stabilizing my weight.

3 week diet plan

It’s taken time, but my weight is good now and I am in the routine of exercising at least five times a week for 30 minutes.

I don’t run nor do I lift weights like a bodybuilder. Instead, I walk and lift some light weights.

Great Things About Oral Sex


 I am going to mention several of the benefits which i have experienced with oral sex before.

Now, these benefits are something the majority of people talk about, and I will list them also.

They may be important, and you ought to know them if you are searching to incorporate a brand new wrinkle for your sex-life at the earliest opportunity.

The first benefit should be the stress release you might see.

I just love the thought of oral sex and believe it is a good way to change things up, and you will definitely feel good while you are performing it.

This is exactly what sex is all about after the morning!

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Another advantage would be the fact you are not going to get pregnant if that is perhaps all you end up doing.

There is not any such thing like a person getting pregnant from oral sex, so that is a benefit for individuals who desire to take advantage of the pleasure side of things.

You won’t have to put on a condom, and that is good for those who want to notice the natural sensation of oral sex.

It can be these benefits that really get noticed.


Are Love And Passion The Same Thing?


The science-geek part of Alex does not believe in “love at first site”… but the fact of the matter is… whether I want to believe it or not…

   Love at first site is very clearly REAL.  I know this because I’ve observed it happen in my own life… and time and time again in the course of my research.  (even though “first site” sometimes takes 2-3 days, that still defies any notion of really getting to know someone).  

   But here’s the thing: this phenomenon of women feeling love at first site or “instant chemistry” seems to target some men FAR MORE OFTEN than others…

   And guess what?
   These men have certain things in common…

   The first one, no surprise, is CONFIDENCE.  

   The reason I say “no surprise” is that, as you’ve heard me say over and over again if you subscribe to the Allman Report, confidence is, according to women,  the single most sexually attractive quality any man can have.
   The second one, again, no surprise, is that they are usually a “man of passion”…

   And the reason I say no surprise here is that being passionate requires massive confidence… AND it requires being comfortable with EMOTIONS… a language that women require for feeling free to express passionate love (but do not necessarily need to “love you like a brother”)

   Third, these men have a sense of romance.

   In my new program “Passionate Lover, Passionate Life” I’m going to talk a LOT about how a man can learn to be powerfully romantic… but for now let me explain what this is, and why women find it so irresistible…

   A romantic man has a “bigger vision” of what a woman can be in his life.

   For most men, a woman represents either sex (which, again, for most men does not rise above rubbing genitals together until orgasm), or she represents a PERSON… a fellow human… a possible friend… different from a man only in that she has different anatomy.

   But for the romantic man, a woman represents something MAGICAL.  She represents a rare and lovely treasure in his life.  

   He savors the feminine.

   Now most men can understand this on a superficial level… we like the way women smell, we like the soft feeling of their skin, the sound of their laughter feels special in a way that a man’s laugh just doesn’t, we appreciate little feminine gestures like the way they twirl their  hair in their fingers or the way they pull their legs up beneath them on a chair…

   The romantic man just makes a bigger deal out of these things.  He allows himself the luxury of savoring them…

   And because all humans respond powerfully to positive reinforcement, a romantic man causes women to become more feminine when he is around.  They enjoy his approval.


   There are many more of these “triggers”, but before I finish this email, it’s important that I tell you the one that you MUST have or the others won’t mean a thing…

   And, in fact, this one is also one of the big keys to powerful and lasting passion…

   You must learn to cultivate your masculinity.

   There are areas of our lives where, as men, we are very masculine.  For some men it is on the basketball court or competing in sport… for some men it’s at work or in an area of strong competence, for some men it is around their instinct to protect the ones they love…

   But when it comes to their relationship, many men find it embarrassing to be too masculine.   And even men who are powerfully masculine at the beginning of a relationship, all to often will allow their masculinity to fade over time as they feel more and more tenderness towards their girl.

   Big mistake.

   Her feelings of passionate, romantic love are strongly attached to her own sense of femininity. And when you are being openly masculine, it causes her to balance your energy by being openly feminine… which is GOOD.

   But when you are more neutral, she becomes more neutral… which is a great place to nurture a friendship, but not so great for passion.  

   It is when you tap into your masculine energy that you allow her to be comfortably feminine… which triggers her feelings of sexual passion and love.

   No one of these things works by itself.  


   Remember, love is not science.  If anything love is much closer to magic than math.  And to make this magic happen you need a little of each of these ingredients.

   And learning the specific techniques and exercises to gaining these qualities so that you can trigger her feelings of passionate love is one of the 3 central focuses of the Passionate Lover, Passionate Life program.


   I am going to be revealing ideas and techniques around…

   – Becoming aligned with Deep Purpose in your life

   – Communicating your confidence and authenticity in a way that makes her FEEL it

   – Making passion and LUST last forever

   – Creating a more passionate and powerful life that others (especially your woman) will ADMIRE you for

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   And I’ll be talking to you again very soon!



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