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                                                          Are “love” and “passion” the same thing?  

   What’s the difference between “love” and passionate love“?

   And are there specific things that men do that trigger feelings of passionate love in women?

   Well… The answer to the last one is… “yes, absolutely,” but the answers to the first two questions are a part of the story…

   We sometimes use the words “passion” and “love” to mean the same thing:

   “I’m passionate about my work” and “I love my work” are pretty much the same.

   But “having passionate sex” and “have loving sex” are often thought to be quite different… the second usually referring to tenderness or a sweet sense of connection.

   The problem that I keep running into when I try to explain “passionate love” is that in our modern world we over-use the word “love”… it seems to have many different meanings.

   I love my mother.
   I love my best friend.
   I love coffee.
   I love my girlfriend.

   These are all true statements… but the word love means something completely different in each sentence.

   I think there’s a particularly confusing disconnect between “I love my girlfriend” and all of the others.  

   When I say: “I love my girlfriend,” I’m talking about passionate love…  What the ancient Greeks referred to as “eros” or, to be clear… SEXUALLY romantic love.

   Here’s the deal:

   The big problem in most relationships is that while they often start with the same kind of love that I’m talking about when I say “I love my girlfriend”… that is, PASSIONATE love…

   They often become “love” in the sense of loving a best friend–  feeling a powerful sense of comfort and well-being…

   Or they even become “love” in the same sense of loving a parent: a feeling of unconditional and unselfish obligation for someone who has devoted a huge part of their life to you.

   According to every sociological study ever done on the subject, most women do NOT marry a man that they feel PASSIONATE love for…

   They marry a man who they feel deep friendship, comfort, safety, and unselfish obligation for.

   And, by the way, I guess it’s only fair for me to mention that the above is the best recipe for a marriage that lasts.

   Now I have a lot of ideas around this fact, and one of them is that the biggest problem that passionate lovers have is that they don’t have any tools or understanding around how to make passion LAST… and so, as it fades, they are left with disappointment and frustration.  

It’s a bitter pill to be left with friendship where once there was passion.

   Here’s another thing:  Men, in general, would prefer passionate love to friendship with the woman they marry.

   Women, on the other hand, will trade passion to feel safe, secure, and comfortably loved by a man who is a friend they trust.

   This leaves a lot of men very disappointed.

   In the second installment of this  email mini- course on passion, I sent you an email with the subject line: “Unlocking Her Wild Side”

   If you haven’t read that yet, you should go find it in your inbox and check it out. 

The three, super-advanced tips I share in there are incredibly powerful.

   That email gives you the solid tools you need to make it safe and comfortable for her to open up and try new things, and to become more adventurous in the bedroom…

   What I’m talking about in THIS email is how to unlock her “Romeo and Juliet”, paper-back- romance-novel FEELINGS and emotions of passionate love for you.

   Women spend a substantial amount of their childhood fantasizing about these feelings… so it’s just crazy (but a fact none-the-less) that by the time they finish out adolescence and get into their mid-twenties, so many women GIVE UP on those emotions completely.

   A big part of the reason for that is that they just never encounter, in their entire dating life, a single man who knows how to provoke those feelings of undying romantic love in their hearts.

   Instead they meet men who want to just fuck them… or men who want to be their pal… or men who want them to raise babies… or men who just kiss their ass…

   So the connect between this subject of making her FEEL romantic love for you and  part 2  about how to unleash her sexual passion is simply this:

   One of the main things that a man can do to subconsciously and AUTOMATICALLY trigger feelings of passionate love in a woman is to be skilled at bringing out her sexual “wild side”.

   One of the top qualities that women fantasize about when it comes to finding her romantic prince or hero, is that he will have special gifts and abilities that give her “permission” to drop her shyness and shame, and let loose the screaming sexual wildcat that she hides from the world.

   Now, I’m not going to lie to you… a second, and very important part of making a woman fall passionately in love with you is having real “chemistry” with her.