Are Squirting Instructions Included With This Vagina?


Perhaps the one question that I get asked the most about women, is how to make them orgasm.

There could be 1000 answers for this very question. And considering each woman is an individual there could be 1000 variations on those same answers.

The key to remember that every woman is different and you must always remember that your lover is not the last woman you were with.

Every woman is different, every vagina is different, and it takes different things to excite each.

No matter what you read there is never going to be one technique that is going to make every single woman orgasm or squirt

What you do want to do is let her know that she needs to let go and never hold back in bed.

Too many women are afraid to express their feelings in bed. It is almost that they do not want to show the satisfaction they are feeling.

How To Make A Girl Squirt

Let them know that it is fine to smile, laugh,moan, and scream However, you plan to make her orgasm, do not stop.

Many women feel as though they have orgasmed when they have barely begun. Take the time to explore her body and vagina and be the one to bring her to the ultimate destination

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