Sleeping And Erections


Sleeping is not just about remaining healthy, but about your erection too as a man.

Many men are not sleeping as much as they should during the night, and it is their erection that pays the price.

You want to make sure you are as energized as you can be and the body feels good.

This is the only way you are going to have a good erection that is easy on the mind.

I have seen a lot of men who just can’t seem to get enough sleep and then complain about not having the erection they used to when they were younger.

The reason you probably had a good erection back then was a good night’s sleep. You have to start doing that again.

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You can’t sleep 5 hours every night and think you are going to be okay. Your body will give out.

There are enough studies out there showing how sleep deprivation can impact your body, and that is going to include erections.


You have to be smarter than that and make sure you are getting at least eight hours during the night. Spend time on this and make sure you set a proper schedule.

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