The Law of Life is the Law of Belief,

Andy answered “Hummm. I never truly saw that.

You intend to disclose to me that my consistent negative convictions and musings are making all these hopeless conditions throughout my life?

Disclose to me more about this”

John proceeded, “In this physical reality, no conviction goes un-compensated, each and every conviction has its outcome.

The Law of Life is the Law of Belief, otherwise called the all inclusive LAW OF ATTRACTION.

 “Whatever you profoundly trust, you will appear in your life”.

Your ‘outside’ world, your physical the truth, is not all that much and nothing not exactly the ‘out-imagining’, the ’emergence’ of your Self-Image.

At the end of the day, Andy, YOU and ONLY YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY through your Self-Image”

Andy’s eyes opened wide as he shouted “Yet what is the association with me getting rich?”

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John said “Andy, consider life a stream, a boundless waterway streaming constantly.

This waterway of life conveys with it all the riches, wealth, cash, plenitude, wellbeing, cherish, achievement, satisfaction, euphoria you would ever envision.

You must be cautious, however, on the grounds that this same waterway additionally conveys with it every one of the illnesses, inconveniences, issues, restrictions neediness and wretchedness on the planet”

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